Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Testimony - Part 10 - With God NOTHING Shall Be Impossible!

My testimony is very long so I have divided it up into parts. Don't forget to read:

"For with God nothing shall be impossible!"
Luke 1:37

For years I have suffered with chronic fatigue and insomnia. I always figured it was because of all my surgeries, but it got so bad my primary care physician sent me to a neurologist. He did several tests and discovered that I had heart disease and sent me to a cardiologist. He said in a 30 minute test my heart beat was completely chaotic and no two beats were the same. I guess he was very concerned, I wasn't, because he made an emergency appointment for me for the next day. I took the stress test and I was very healthy by that standard! Ha I knew it! But he wanted to do the tilt table test. I told him fine whatever, there was nothing wrong with me anyway! The tilt table was to prove whether my BP dropped low enough for me to have fainting spells. Come on this is not Hollywood, I DO NOT FAINT!! I endured the test and used every bit of will power I had. I was going to prove him wrong. Finally after over a half hour, he put nitro under my tongue, and I passed out within seconds! Let me tell you the movies have it all wrong! There is nothing graceful about it at all. I had the worst headache EVER and just wanted to vomit. He was almost laughing at me after the test. He had never seen someone with so much will power to fight! LOL Guess he didn't know all that I had already been through. I was diagnosed with NeuroCardiogenic Syncope. A fancy name for saying that my BP drops too low and I faint. Seriously I was being diagnosed with a fainting disease. I thought it sounded stupid. (As you know by now I'm not very good when doctor's try to diagnose me. LOL)

I was put on a bunch of Blood Pressure pills, and as much as I hate to admit it, I did feel a lot better! I had always had low BP, but now that my large intestines were gone I had a hard time absorbing liquids, so my veins couldn't pump my blood to my head fast enough. It's not really as bad as it sounds. When I get up too fast, all my blood rushes to my feet and kinda sits there for a few seconds. Then my heart has to work super hard to try to get it to come back up. During those few seconds my brain doesn't have enough oxygen and I black out. Usually I can feel it happen and I have a split second to grab the wall or something until it passes. A few times it has caught me off guard and I fell on the floor, usually bumping my head pretty hard. (shh don't tell my doctor! LOL)

About a year and a half after I was diagnosed with heart disease I had a vision. (Before I go on I should tell you it's pretty common for me to have visions and dreams. I usually have one every couple months or so. It just seems to be one of the ways God talks to me.) Anyway so I had a vision and there were many things God showed me. And one of them was that I am already healed. I no longer have to rely on doctors for treatment. Just because I can't see the miracle yet, doesn't mean it's not there! I just have to stand with every ounce of my being, and believe! Don't look at circumstances or what my body is telling me, but trust what God has told me. He promised me my child was on the way, and my body is completely made whole. He was even going to grow back my intestines, and men and doctor's will wonder at the miracle he has done! AWESOME!

Well I was so excited when I woke up. Many people had told me these same things, but somehow God had made it so real to me. God has never lied to me, or failed me. I realized that I had already been healed and I had to start acting like it. I started buying maternity clothes and baby stuff. I was walking by faith that I was healed! I made an appointment with the cardiologist and told him I didn't need my medication anymore. He did a bunch of tests and told me I was healthy and I didn't need to take the medication anymore. He also showed me a picture from my first test and my most recent test. The most recent scan had showed perfect heart beats for a 30 minute period. Truly a miracle! God had done it again!

I was really hoping that I would see results of the baby immediately, but it was not to be. It has been over 3 years since this happened. But I have not doubted and wavered. I KNOW what God said! He promised to heal my womb and give me a child, and I KNOW it will happen! He promised to grow back my intestines, and every morning I look for that to happen! I don't know how or when these things will happen. All I know is that God told me to stand and believe that I am already healed and these things ARE going to happen!

Here is a prophecy God gave me on March 20, 2005

"I have done a complete healing from your mind, to the very bottom of your feet. From the very bottom of your feet to your mind. From the inside to the outside, I, your God, have done a complete healing. And the very thing that I have promised, this child, shall come to pass! Continue to stand and do not be afraid to speak it. For when you speak it, it will come to pass. When you believe with all your heart and with all your might and know that I can not lie. That I will not lie! It is impossible for me to lie! And what I said will come to pass. Just stand and believe and it will come to pass. And I am not done. I have completely healed your body. And men and doctor's shall wonder at what I have done. Because I am God and I am able to do anything. I created man out of the dust of the Earth. I can sure do it again. I am God and I am able to do it. And I can do it. And I will do it! If you will stand on my word, I will cause the very thing that man took out, I will put back. For I AM GOD!"
Sarah & Dustin summer 2010!

God has been so good to me and healed me many times. He has also given me many promises of what is to come, if I have enough faith to believe! I truly thank God for all he has brought me through and the lessons he has taught me along the way. I don't wish any of these trials away because God has used them to make me who I am today. I KNOW he can heal diseases, he healed ME! I KNOW he can heal cancer, he healed ME! I KNOW he can deliver from addictions, he delivered ME! I KNOW he can override doctor's reports, he has done it to me over and over again! And I KNOW I will have my own child soon! He has NEVER failed me and I KNOW HE NEVER WILL!
Thank you for reading my story! It has meant so much to me to share it with you! If you have enjoyed reading this series, please share with your friends! You never know who needs to hear this today. I'd love to read any comments you have! God Bless you and remember: GOD STILL PERFORMS MIRACLES!

Join me tomorrow as I share some "tips" I have learned to walk by faith day by day basis!

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  1. Awesome testimony! I am encouraged by your faith...don't let it waiver! I do not know you personally, but I will agree in prayer that your womb be healed and ready to carry a child. God bless :)

  2. Thank you for the prayers! They mean so much to me!
    <3 Sarah


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