My Amazing Testimony

Overcoming by Faith is truly the theme of my life! My journey includes 21 surgeries, death, a visit with angels, cancer diagnosis, heart disease, the loss of a child and much much more. But these trials are not what defines me. It is the presence of my most merciful savior, Jesus Christ, who brings peace in joy in the midst of the storm! Please join me on my journey of faith as God performs miracle after miracle!

Part 1 - God Calls A Child

Part 2 - A Path Of Sin!

Part 3 - Redemption - God's Amazing Grace!

Part 4 - Angels Among Us!

Part 5 - 300 Days And Counting!

Part 6 - Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh!

Part 7 - My Darkest Days ... And God's Forgiveness!

Part 8 - And Adoption Story ... Well Sort Of!

Part 9 - Chemo ... And The "C" Word!

Part 10 - With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible!

7 Tips That Help Me Walk By Faith Day By Day!

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